General terms and conditions of use of the website

I. Opće odredbe


Name of company: MESNA INDUSTRIJA BRAĆA PIVAC d.o.o.

Registered office: Vrgorac, Težačka 13

OIB / Personal Identification Number/: 28128148322
MBS / Registration Number of the Subject/: 060027655
Email address:
Phone: +385 21 674 433

Fax:        +385 21 674 477

The company is registered at the Court Registry of the Commercial Court of Split


Through our website on the domain we provide the service of providing of data on the Internet, advertising on the Internet, electronic browser, prize contests and the possibilities to request data and services which are being transferred through the electronic network, which posses access to the network or which store data of the User, as well as to manage the content of the mentioned webpage.


These General Terms regulate conditions and rules for use of the mentioned website by the User. General Operating Terms and Conditions are published in Croatian language.


For the purposes of these General Operating Terms and Conditions the Service User is every natural person older than 18 or every legal person on whose behalf the website is being used by a person older than 18.


By using the website, the User confirms that he is familiar with the General terms and conditions of use of the website, and he commits to use the website exclusively in accordance with the mentioned rules.


User of the website uses it on his behalf and for his account.


We oblige to protect personal data of all Users of the webpage, as it is described in the Privacy and data protection statement, which can be read on the following link.


For the purpose of technical maintenance or solving of possible issues during maintenance of their webpage, the companies retain the right to disable the webpage or access to it, which can result in termination of service, for which they are not accountable. The User agrees that the use of the webpage depends on the possibility to access the Internet, i.e. network availability.


We retain the right to change or cancel any business segment at any given time, as well as the terms of use of the webpage, including the manner and speed of data transfer.

The User agrees that by every access to the webpage he also accepts the current General terms and conditions of use of the website, as well as the Privacy and data protection statement, which are published on the same webpage.


The webpage is exclusively owned by the company and the User is hereby forbidden to publish or transmit any data via this website which would endanger or limit the rights of third parties, i.e. imply inappropriate or unlawful actions, particularly those which would concern the violation of privacy of third parties, offensive or discriminating contents or advertising of third parties.


All data which appear on the webpage, including webpage design and overall visual identity, as well as the content of the webpage, is an exclusive right of the company and any kind of copying, distribution, transmission, publishing, connecting or in any other way changing of the webpage without prior explicit approval is prohibited. Every occasion of non-compliance with this prohibition is subject to misdemeanour, criminal and/or substantive legal liability. We retain the right to change, adjust, modify, erase or remove any described content.


In the case of any unacceptable behaviour of the User during the use of webpage, as well as in the case of non-compliance with these rules, companies are authorised to terminate business relations with the User, deactivate his user account, including erasure of data on this account, as well as to use permitted legal remedies for the purpose of protection of their rights.


The user is authorised to download, print and save materials from this webpage solely for his personal use.


Communication between the User and the companies is conducted in writing (email or registered letter); complaints, requests and objections, as well as responses to them, are delivered within legally prescribed time limits, in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, General Data Protection Regulation, Act on Enforcement of the General Data Protection Regulation etc. can contain links to other webpages, which are owned and managed by other persons.


Companies do not manage the contents and data on those webpages, do not give special recommendations for using those webpages, do not guarantee that the content on those webpages is true nor are they accountable for the content of those pages, products or services. When using webpages of third parties, it is recommended to the User to previously study data protection rules, general operating terms and guides for the use of a certain webpage which he uses. It is also recommended to the User to, notwithstanding the use of this webpage, estimate the authenticity and risk of use of every webpage whose link is located on this webpage or of those which contain the notification that it is precisely the webpage (including those whose links are delivered by email), the User uses that kind of webpage at his own risk.


Every change which pertains to the protection and confidentiality of data shall be published on this webpage, and depending on the possibilities, i.e. suitability, the notification on such change shall be delivered to the User per email.


Users are recommended to regularly check if an amendment or update of data protection conditions have occurred, as well as the consequences of such changes.


II. Telecommunication


We can enable communication by email or other forms of telecommunication to the user. The mentioned forms of communication can be applied exclusively for the purpose of making of an inquiry on the activities and services we provide, to submit suggestions and commendations, or to give opinions on certain services, participate in prize games, voluntary upload biographies, and regarding email communication, submit written complaints.


We shall not act at the directions or other instructions received per email or other forms of telecommunication, which do not enable establishing of the identity of the principal with certainty, nor shall we communicate information which by the law represent a constitute a business secret.


Telecommunication cannot be used, i.e. abused for exchange of messages, pictures and video-material or audio-material of forbidden, immoral, offensive, threatening or political contents, by which copyrights are violated, which contain viruses or other malicious programmes, or which can have some other negative impact on operating systems.


In the case that the user violates any of the obligations from the previous paragraph of these Conditions, the companies are authorised momentarily and without prior warning to end the established telecommunications connection with him.


The user is familiar with and accepts that we can record, store and use exchanged messages, video-materials, audio-materials and other materials, for the purpose of quality control management, solving of user’s complaints and resolving of possible disputes.


Messages we exchange with the user by email, chat or other forms of telecommunication, are confidential in nature and intended only to the user to which it was delivered and the user obliges that he will not make them available or enable their use by third parties or the public, without prior written consent of the company.


III. Application of law


Our company is registered at the Court Registry of the Commercial Court of Split, Republic of Croatia, and is applying statutory regulations of the Republic of Croatia and applicable supranational regulations of the EU.


The parties shall try to resolve possible disputes which can arise regarding the use of this webpage and these terms and conditions amicably, pursuant to applicable regulations valid on the territory of the Republic of Croatia, and if amicable resolution of the dispute is not possible, jurisdiction has the competent court in the area of the City of Zagreb.


IV. Cookie policy


In order for this page to operate properly with all its functionalities, and for us to be able to continue working on advancements on the webpage and improvement of user experience, we need cookies. Pursuant to the regulations of the European Union, from 25 March 2011 we are obliged to request your acceptance before saving cookies. That means that by using this webpage you have the possibility to accept or decline the use of these files in a separate browser. If you disable cookies, unfortunately you shall not be able to use certain functionalities of web locations which are supported by this technology.


We also use them for the purpose of tracking viewing statistics: cookies collect information on interactions of visitors on our webpages, as well as for normal functioning of web programmes: cookies are used for normal functioning of certain possibilities of web locations which facilitate user approach to contents.


Through cookies of third parties like Google, Facebook etc. we can collect data on visiting and way of use of the webpage, your IP address, type of operating system you are using, language you use, browser you use for surfing and similar data. All data are collected anonymously and through cookies your personal identity cannot be revealed. If the User wishes that no cookies are placed on his computer, it is necessary to erase them or block them in the browser. By erasing or blocking of cookies access to the content of the webpage shall be difficult.


What are cookies?


Cookies are small textual files which the web location saves from server to your web browser of the computer or mobile phone (depending on the device you use to access the webpage) when you visit that webpage for the first time. After the first visit, every time the web browser requests an identical webpage from the server, cookies are sent to server from the user’s computer. In that way server has the possibility to identify and track the web browser. We use the term cookies for all files which collect data in the previously described manner. There are several types of cookies:


Temporary cookies (sessions): automatically removed from your computer when you close the web browser. With the help of these cookies web locations store temporary data (for example, items in a shopping cart).


Permanent cookies: remain saved on your computer after closing the web browser. With the help of these cookies webpages store data - most often those are your settings while using the page. Permanent cookies shall remain on your computer for so long until you remove them manually or until their period of validity expires.


Start page cookies: come from the web location you are viewing, those are temporary or permanent cookies. With the help of these cookies web locations store data like name and password, with the goal that you do not have to repeat them every time you visit.


Third party cookies: belong to different domains from those shown on the address bar. Web pages can contain contents from different areas (such as banners), what enables the possibility to track user’s browsing history. Possibilities of privacy settings in most modern browsers enable blocking third party cookies.



V. Final privisions


If a part of these General terms and conditions of use of the website is to be considered void and unenforceable, it shall not affect the validity of other parts of the terms and conditions, which remain in full force and have legal effect. 


For all questions which are possibly not regulated by these General terms and conditions of use of the website, webpage Users are referred to make contact by email.