Notification on how to submit consumer complaint

Based on Article 10 of the Consumer Protection Act (“Official Gazette” No. 19/2022), we would like to inform the consumers that they may submit an objection on the quality of our products or services in writing by mail at the following addresses:

  • Mesna industrija braća Pivac (Pivac Brothers Meat Industry), Težačka 13, 21276 Vrgorac, Croatia

  • PPK karlovačka mesna industrija (PPK Karlovac Meat Industry), Selce 33, 47000 Karlovac, Croatia

  • Mesna industrija Vajda (Vajda Meat Industry), Zagrebačka 4, 40000 Čakovec, Croatia

or at the following e-mail addresses:

Along with your objection, please provide also your first and last name and address so that we can confirm the receipt without any delay and send a written response to your complaint within 15 days thus improving both the quality and your satisfaction.